Monday, Maybe.


I came across this photo in my digital pile of photos, a folder where I dump all the interesting  snaps that I haven't yet categorized or renamed. I don't even now know where I took this photo, if it were a morning, or a summer evening (most likely). Is it a home, an office building? 

I see a bendy wire running down the center of the frame. Well, that's not much help; could be for anything. It could also be left over from an older tech, and there it stays still, still not removed, still not useful.

I stare at this photo and just find it rather bleak. What was I seeing in this shot when I took it? Why did I take it? Who lives or works there? Just, why?

Maybe it's because of the season: Halloween is near and watching seasoned films while I chill with myself at home brings a bleakness to my mind. Cobwebs are spun, not cleared, in my mind as I sit in the dark and plod through good and bad Netflix-hosted films. Maybe I question such a simple thing as this photo as I find confusion and darkness and no reason in the digital murders and monster bashings on the screen. Or, maybe this is just a photo of a nondescript place, one that I liked at the time.

Maybe because it's Monday I have no good thoughts on this, or anything in the world at the moment. It's all very confusing, and sad. Not unlike that bendy wire just hanging there, wondering what its purpose is, or was. Or should be again.