This Just In: New Music Coming 2018 from Electronic Artist Just Like Humans


I'm excited to announce that after a nearly 18 month break, I'm back at preliminary sketches for a brand new, tenth Just Like Humans electronic album for 2018. 

From the time I completed my last album, the concept soundtrack NINE, I knew I'd take a break - it pretty much wiped me out. A lot of things have happened since then yet I'm again in a place that I want to be musically creative. 

As I write this the holidays are coming so we'll see how productive I may actually be. I have a few ideas I'm ready to dive into first; hopefully working on these tracks will keep me sane during the Thanksgiving through New Year's stretch!

You can listen to all of my albums and music right here on my website or on Bandcamp (where you can also purchase whole albums or individual tracks). Thanks for reading and the support.

-Kevin / Just Like Humans