Block Walk: Hello, Beach: How are you?


It's been a while since I've posted anything here; life and the holidays have just gotten in the way for the husband and I. 

One of the few days we had recently was Thanksgiving Day, which is a day we've never had off together in the 14 Thanksgiving day's that have past. It was a super nice day, one without turkey or stuffing and mad dashes to and fro, and long drives to get places on time. Instead, we spent it together, and even spent some time at the beach (me taking photos, him takin up the drone).

These were all taken in La Jolla at the tide pools, a place I might have been once in the nearly 18 years I've lived here. Although not really a 'block walk' (those photo sets where I went out and took photos around an actual city block or area), I'm counting these, anyway. Maybe they're a block of beach beautiful. 

I hope that your holiday was wonderful and full of food and love and beautiful sky.