Just Like Humans Music Catalog


I finally updated all my music files, not only on this website, but as well to the Just Like Humans Bandcamp page. Yes, all nine albums are there! (Just a coincidence that my ninth album was named NINE, by the way.)

If anyone reading this is wondering: I DID have a website before (middle of 2016), and that site was dedicated solely to the music of Just Like Humans. That site has passed now and although I still enjoy music creation from time to time, I am letting it be, for now.

With that said, this is just a quick entry to say, Hey, go get my music!

You can buy my music on iTunes, Amazon and other online digital retailers...but only for a limited time as it will be out of all their catalogs sometime in the middle of the year, and then after exclusively on Bandcamp. It's just easier that way for me, for you!

Plus, if you go to Bandcamp and buy the entire Just Like Humans music catalog, you can get all my electronic music for under $40 - that's like a 35% savings if you purchased them each separately! (I'm not good at math, but it says the savings right there on the site...)

So, if you want it, get it! And if you have any questions about any of the albums or songs, just reach out to me

(You can, as always, listen to all my music here on this site at the Music tab.)

Thanks for your support. -Kevin / Just Like Humans