Sunlit Solitude: Snaps at the Shore



I took quite a few photos when I was out at the beach this day, high up on a bluff looking down, the sun flailing behind the clouds for its last bit of attention at the close of the day.

Many of the shots I took were without anyone in them, intentionally. I'd wait patiently for people to 'get out of my shot' so I could compose it correctly.

However, as I watched a few people coming in and out of frame, I realized it was more interesting actually having them in it. I go for minimal framing all too often, and that, for me, means excluding the life forms that are here to inhabit all the minimal forms and places I like to shoot.

I waited until these people looked out to the water, or to something which caught their attention on the ground.

My favorite is of the woman holding up her phone, grabbing a quick shot of the sunset. I liked the results I got, how each shot turned out with just one or a few persons, the water below or behind them a mysterious glass surface. In each photos, it often looked like they were the only ones on this world below me.