Nānā Hoʻi: Remembering O'ahu 2006

Hawaii 2006 29.jpeg

As we currently plan for our upcoming trip back to O'ahu, I think of my first visit to the the Hawaiian Islands (well, any island - I'd never left the mainland until that time) which was in 2006 for my 40th birthday. The trip was incredibly memorable, one of may firsts, and definitely not lasts.

It was a whirlwind trip, and now I can't even recount how many days we were there, my husband and me. There was so much on the itinerary that we went from east to west, north to south each day. There was the helicopter tour and Yokohama Bay; Nu'uanu Pali Lookout, the endless gorgeous beaches and the gorgeous people (natives, not tourists - ew). There was so much we did and saw on that trip that only reviewing old photos can jog my memory.

Yet from the very beginning, the very first time we were there in O'ahu, I tried to catalog it all in my own style. Of course I brought my camera, and I think, at that time, it was some point-and-shoot that fit nicely in the pockets of my probably cargo shorts (also, ew). Even on that first visit, I was desperately trying not to take tourist photos. I was a tourist, of course and still wanted to capture some vistas, people, architecture, and other sights in the ways that I hadn't yet seen. 

I'm still not sure if I accomplished that, even 11 years later. This is the first time I've looked back at the hundreds of digital photographs I - and we - took on that trip. I'm not one to go over and over old items, no matter what they are - I'm not terribly sentimental. The past is the past. However, I was happy to see here, just for the sake of posting these older shots, that they still hold up in my eyes. Kinda cool. I can't wait to take new ones again on our next exciting voyage.


Hawaii 2006 86.jpeg