NINE - The Journey of Ten Individuals (An Imagined Film Score)


As I write this, the one year anniversary of the completion of my imagined movie soundtrack, Nine, is coming up in the middle of June 2017. 

Nine is my concept album, a musical interpretation of the story of the ten souls which hiked out into the Russian wilderness in 1959, nine of which never returned. The deaths of the nine and the mystery surrounding their deaths became known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident, an unsolved case to this day. (As in real life, the tenth hiker had to return half way through the trip because of illness. His story features prominently in the end of my imagined story here.)

The Dyatlov Pass Incident is a mystery I have been fascinated by for years. It has explainable as well as other-worldly possibilities, none of which any of us will probably be able to confirm. 

You can find much information online about the tragedy and the theories of what 'really' happened to them. I found it all so fascinating for years thatI was unable get it out of my head. Finally, writing these themes and creating the sounds for the journey I imagined as a two hour film helped me purge it all and move on. The two-year process was actually carthitic as well as something I'd always wanted to try, writing a film score. 

With the real events, the events supposed by many a film maker and author, and my imagination, I put together this album as a love letter and tribute to those nine innocents that died there on the mountain. The most important thing is to remember that even though I've fictionalized these events in musical form, the ideas are put together and formed by the story of the real individuals that lived and died. Nine is ultimately a human story and a tragedy. 

If you get the chance to listen to Nine, I hope you'll find something to appreciate within in it's 60 minutes. I'm proud of the themes I created and I hope they stir your imagination enough to read about Igor, Yuri, Lyudmila, Georgiy, Alexander, Zinaida, Rustem, Nicolai, and Semyon.

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