Workin' the Salt Mines: The Mercedes-AMG GLC43

Poser: Mercedes-AMG GLC43

My husband led me down some abandoned-looking side roads off the California 5 freeway, roads I didn't know existed. We were close to the water, close to the border of Mexico. We were also in my brand new car. I admit hesitation, or a flat tire in the brand new rubber and we'd not be able to call for service as we only had one bar available on the mobile phone. But all was quickly pushed aside as we came down a long, narrow stretch of crumbling white top (so old it wasn't really black or gray anymore) and our destination appeared on the right.

This rusty, dusty, salty backdrop of machinery, tin-clad buildings and an array of conveyer belts proved to be a wonderful backdrop for my new car, the Mercedes-AMG GLC43 sport utility vehicle (or as it's classified, a light truck).

The only thing I've found light about this 'truck' so far is the feel of it catapulting you forward as you mash the accelerator. Setting the GLC43 4MATIC in Sport+ mode fully activates its biturbo, lowers the vehicle on its air suspension and then instantly folds space around you as you quickly and suddenly find yourself at a point and location somewhere in the future. It's not the fastest car in the AMG stable and in fact, the 43 designations are new and entry-level for the AMG lineup. But even with its six-cylinder power plant and nine-speed gearbox, you'd not notice if it were slower than something else in the Mercedes garage. With 362 horsepower, 384 foot-pounds of torque, and a zero to 60 rating of 4.8 seconds, I'm not finding it in any way slow.  Biturbo lag, if there is even such a thing in a twin-turbo setup, is negligible, and even then only at slower, traffic-crawling speed.

This is my first Mercedes, my first large vehicle (as it's bigger in dimension and interior capacity than my previous car, the Range Rover Evoque), my first fast car, my first AMG, my first engine with more than 240 mule power (not horsepower), my first black automobile...

...and being a black automobile, the background of the Chula Vista Salt Pond industrial grounds turned out to be a perfect setting to photograph this car. There was just enough evil industrial machinery for me, just enough buildings and other equipment to not become a distraction from the focus of the shots.

Besides having the excitement of my new car in front of me, I found the location equally exciting and even wanted the car out of the foreground on occasion so I could focus on the industry of it all. The mounds of salt were nearly blinding on this mid-afternoon day out, and were so white and intricately detailed that my mother asked me if this were indeed my own car I was sending her photographs of because why was there snowy mountains in the distance in the summer time?

I cannot wait for more time and experience behind the wheel. I could go on and on about the vehicle but not say anything you can't read online at this point, all of which pretty much praises the vehicle. I've seen nothing but good reviews for the car and that is as exciting to read and know as it is exciting to mash the accelerator and fly down a deserted, salty road into the distance.