Nature and Nurture: Waimea Valley, O'ahu


Whenever we are out and about, and especially on holiday, my husband is the one that takes a lot of nature photographs. I admit to enjoying the beauty of nature but I've never really been a stop and smell the roses and take photos kind of person; I've not wanted to take the time to capture any of it in camera. I tend to skip over capturing natural beauty as it blocks my view of the man-made things I find equally beautiful, the detritus and eccentricities of the city that I usually like to photograph.

I'm staring to admire the complexity of nature now and that's all because of my husband. He's shown me, through his incredible photos, his actions and words (he seems to know a lot about many things, including plants) just how beautiful the natural world can be, even if I'm not photographing it. I'm now happy to be nurtured in this way, seeing the structure and architecture of nature, of trees and plants.

I took quite a few shots on our most recent Hawaii trip, so here's some to share. I don't recall any of the names of these things; I guess I'll have to work on that part in time.