Early Morning, Friday Morning.


I'm telling you, it's just way too early for this: Any time on a Friday morning is too early. Much too early for exercise, thinking, moving. Yet, here I am, doing just that. 

Like any city, there are always blocks of non-descript apartment architecture. Useful but mostly avoidable unless you live there. You can ignore them because you drive or walk by, only sometimes giving them thought because you see someone climb the stairs as you wait for a traffic light or hear about the area on the news. The murders, perhaps.

It's way too early to really think about any of this, to be out here walking, pretending to exercise when really I was only motivated to purchase a high-calorie muffin for breakfast, defeating the purpose of the walk.

But as it's early, I saw one of those non-descript buildings which I pass every day. There had been a light on at the upper left window and I wanted to snap a shot. As I raised my iPhone, the light went out. The building blinked at me, acknowledged me, and also realizing it was too early, closed its eyes. 

For a Friday, I'm up too early, yet being early you can often snap stuff you wouldn't see otherwise.  Well, now all I see in this photo is that the left side window is not balanced on this boxy building; it's too close to the left side and my OCD is troubled. 

Back to my muffin, which rests on a plate on my belly because I didn't walk enough to help diminish its size. Happy Friday.