Lenses, Baby.


As Seen Through Strange Glass

Upon passing away, a good friend made sure we received all of his camera equipment - the big stuff to all the accoutrements and too dads and the whatnots and small stuff that we didn't even know what were for.

It's been nearly two years now and we're still thankful, still finding things in the bucket of camera goodies that was given us, still learning how to do things and use things. I keep saying things rather than describing what it all is; mostly as there was so much given, it's taken so much time to go through and use.

I've just recently been playing around with the two lenses here, the Lensbaby Sweet 35 and the macro bellows lens. Baby, the Lensbaby is crazy! It's super fun to use, and did try it out for about an hour recently in the local park, focusing and refocusing on plant life, trees and more. Honestly, it was really cool; I liked some of the results but as it was my first time, I ended up deleting the photos. A post about unique lenses and no photos to show that aspect is quite lame, I know. I'd like to post again when I have something better now that I'm understanding the use of the Sweet 35. I admit however, that after a time, I was under the influence of motion sickness from using it: I get this easily, watching movies with 'unsteady' cams for instance, and using this lens, focusing and refocusing, twisting, bending and turning, it made me a bit nauseous by the end of hour's testing.

The macro bellows lens, a homemade specialty copying more expensive brand names, and made from his very own part bin he informed us, was pushed aside here at home for nearly 18 months because we couldn't find its purpose; it looked cumbersome and fragile to use on our DSLRs. Messing around with it recently I found incredible and strange photos could be achieved, moving the bellows in and out on its track to get what seemed like infinite focusing capabilities. It also had me kinda loopy, but now I know my tolerances for these lenses and when to stop. With the bellows lens I don't have anything to show for it - I mostly just focused on desktop items to see what the heck the lens actually did, then deleted the files.

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We are grateful for the kindness of our friend and leaving us his gear. A professional himself with such a long, varied and incredible career, it was a blessing he wished to leave these items to us - each of us non-professionals - to better ourselves, to explore, to see and understand, to learn, and most of all, as I recall him saying, to share the results with everyone. The best thing you can do when I'm gone, he told us and others, is to be with friends, share with friends, and love what you do. 

I never dreamed of having or seeing the need for either of these yet after playing around with them just this past week, I'm hoping to find the time to do professional and for-fun shots with them. I think my interesting shots can definitely be made more interesting when using these two lenses.


It would have been interesting if these lenses were photographed by each other! But, that didn't happen. I didn't know their capabilities when photographed before trying them out.