Bayswater from Just Like Humans (December 18, 2012)


Bayswater is the first album from Just Like Humans and contains some of the first iconic sounds and instrumental musical roots and ideas that Just Like Humans would come to be known for.

As Just Like Humans (a name from four that my husband and I choose to represent my music) at that time and it stuck), I this was my first venture into electronic music, having wanted to only compose a short song that would accompany the video that we made of my brand new Mini Cooper Bayswater special edition vehicle. 

As I learned to use Garageband, the only music software I had at that time, I became a bit obsessed to see what I could come up with.

The album isn't the most cohesive; the track styles are all over the place. But I think at the same time, as I wasn't complicating the writing style that some of the tracks here are possibly some of my best. I'm most fond of "Your Computer" and it's throwback simplicity. Logan Ran, and Riding a Motorcycle Through and 80s Landscape are tributes to retro movie soundtracks; She Went Through My Soul is based on the child's theme from the 1982 movie Poltergeist.

With Bayswater, I produced a further three albums: New Device and I Live in a Disco, both as singles with remixes and bonus tracks, as well as a collection which had all of the remixes and bonus tracks from Bayswater included.

You can find Bayswater here on my site, and you can purchase any track or either of the two albums in their entirety on Bandcamp.

Playlist tracks 11 through 20 are remixes and bonus tracks originally found on the album "Bayswater: Singles // Bonus Collection" (released 7-24-2013).

Lyrics and Vocals on "New Device - Hookerbot 5000 Vocal Mix" by Andrew Disorder.