They Only Moved the Headstones | San Diego Historical Photographer

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My favorite place year-round, and especially for my favorite holiday/lifestyle, Halloween: Calvary Pioneer Memorial Park, San Diego.

I photograph this place every year and probably take the same angles of the same headstones from the same vantage points, but I always want to keep this dead place alive in phones. This former Catholic cemetery was abandoned in the early 60s and converted to a public park by the 70s. All of the headstones were removed and taken to another, newer cemetery.

But all of the estimated 3,000 to 4,000 bodies remain right there under the grass and play yard and parking lot.

Just like Cheesman Park in Denver, Colorado and many other sites perhaps not so famous, forgotten loved ones were left in the ground for a forever sleep and today, only and hundred or so headstones remain, to remind us of the park’s true history. And maybe haunt us a little, too: Night time here is quite freaky.

But, in the daylight, it’s quite the opposite, tranquil and green and if you live in the area and know the history, I believe you’re filled with respect for the place. People even occasionally leave flowers on the plaques that show the names of the known deceased. Thank you, whomever you are, for helping keep their memories alive.

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  Happy Halloween from Kevin and Randy (number63 Productions)!

Happy Halloween from Kevin and Randy (number63 Productions)!