NINE Movie Soundtrack: Two Years Later

Nine August 28.jpg

It’s true what they say about time as you get older: it definitely goes by quicker and often not in a good way. It’s now been two years since the completion and release of the experimental soundtrack I did in 2016, NINE. That was a good thing yet how did these last two years go by so fast?

If you love spooky tales and strange unsolved mysteries, then you’ll definitely love the story fo the nine, the Dyatlov Pass hikers that disappeared in the Ural Mountains of Russian in 1959. Go look it up now. Seriously, I’ll wait…

So…right? It’s the most bizarre unsolved tale I have ever come across and it’s fascinated me for years. That’s why I just had to try and tackle an imagined film score for the story. I’ve actually since found that a few other individuals have done the same and that says something, that these composers and/or musical hobbyists have lent their talents to something that doesn’t actually exist - a script or physical film. I like that I’m in their company and we all have a mutual love and fascination for this unsolved tale.

 The official artwork cover for NINE, the album.

The official artwork cover for NINE, the album.

I always said in my original blog and online advertising for my album, NINE that we must remember that these were real people and whatever horrors they experienced (hypothermia, military, aliens, a yeti…) were real. More than just wanting to have fun with this, on a deeper level I wanted to give it my best shot and give the themes I created for the album NINE to have some depth and emotion to them.

I hope you have had a chance to listen to the soundtrack and that you have enjoyed it.

(Here’s another recent entry regarding the music, NINE and the actual events).