Industrial Indemnity Buildings: Block Walk: July 27, 2017



The Industrial Indemnity Buildings in Mission Valley, San Diego, California (1970 - 1974) were about 500 feet away from me just years ago. I worked in a complex under the shadows of the 805 freeway and had walked the surrounding business park properties many times, never noticing that not far up the road, yet mostly hidden by trees and above the frontage road, sat this incredible collection of modernist structures.


I ran across a post about the buildings nearly one year ago and saved the item into my reading list. On a not-so-sunny and not-so-perfect day for photography, I recently drove out to see them in person and got these photographs. 

I found similarities between these structures and the modernist Union-Tribune building, also in Mission Valley - not so much in style, but of period, materials and majesty. Yes, that's right, I called these buildings majestic: majestic in their austere, simple design and intended use. Open spaces abound, and glass walls and floor-to-ceiling windows open up to the surrounds of nature.

After 90 minutes of admiration and photo taking, I left (hoping I wasn't caught on any security cams creeping around around the place and smiling like a mad person) with good feelings and proud to have discovered and seen even more incredible architecture in my city, a city that keeps astonishing me even after 18 years of residence.