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LA Auto Show 2017: Mercedes-AMG Project ONE

One of the most exciting concepts, if that's indeed what Mercedes-AMG is calling it, was their Project ONE car, featured at the Los Angeles Auto show. (Our visit was on December 9, 2017.)

We had heard about the car and as both of us are Mercedes-AMG owners, we were excited to see it. The two-seater Mercedes-AMG Project ONE uses Formula 1 hybrid tech (there's Formula 1 hybrid tech?!) and is said to produce over 1000 horsepower. It will definitely beat those insane Prius drivers who decide every road is theirs to fly down no matter what the speed limit, and without ever using their turn signals, because apparently that would take away too much power away from the batteries.

We are unsure of the design. It's striking and distinct for sure, but if this were a street car? Very confusing. I might be confused as well on its purpose. But it sure was cool to see in person.

What do you think? Could you see yourself in this on your daily commute, knocking off a Prius with your hybrid wake?

Vlog: Our Thanksgiving Beach Nature Excursion!

Okay, so we are a little late to this. Okay, I'M a little late to this but it's been a busy holiday season, and it's still not over! Here's the second part of our Thanksgiving holiday adventure time together. 

Coffee, a chair and (MacBook) Air: All I need to breathe life into these tracks.
Garageband, coffee, a chair and (MacBook) Air: All I need to breathe life into these tracks.

Garageband, coffee, a chair and (MacBook) Air: All I need to breathe life into these tracks.

I've delved deeper into the new album, the new album and electronic music I'm creating as Just Like Humans, my tenth musical release. Honestly, it's a struggle. I'm not a tortured artist yet like any creative person with every endeavor, you attack it and wonder if it's even worth it, how will it come out, how will it be perceived, even by my own eyes and ears. 

I've completed one track and I like it. It was hard to do because a) I really wanted to scale back what I did to each track with the layering and complexities this time around, yet still keep it a Just Like Humans record and sound; b) finding the time to actually write and program is more scarce than usual. I'm even going back to Garageband (yes!) instead of Logic Pro X to force myself into some simplicities. It's been tough, but interesting and I know in the end it will be what I wanted.

Most of my time is invested in holidays and such right now, as can be expected. There's lots of other little things that have happened or will be happening, too. Just like everyone. Yet with the time constraints I thought it would be easier to make a better sounding record, scaling back as I said. I guess I'm a drama queen when it comes to the sounds as it's been really hard for me to create something that I can be happy with and move onto the next track. 

It will all come in time. I am happy that I have all the ideas sketched out in voice memos and other notation. I've even a rough idea of all the track names, which helps my narrative. 

My hope is that by March (or earlier), I'll start releasing a track per month, then the rest of the album around June. That seems a long time away, yet it will fly by. 

Our House is a Very, Very Fine House

Our place is finally coming together. We are working on color and more artwork and photos, but will get there. Maybe after the holidays when things calm down. 

Please note: There is no yard for two cats, let alone one. We only have room for fish.

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Block Walk: Hello, Beach: How are you?

It's been a while since I've posted anything here; life and the holidays have just gotten in the way for the husband and I. 

One of the few days we had recently was Thanksgiving Day, which is a day we've never had off together in the 14 Thanksgiving day's that have past. It was a super nice day, one without turkey or stuffing and mad dashes to and fro, and long drives to get places on time. Instead, we spent it together, and even spent some time at the beach (me taking photos, him takin up the drone).

These were all taken in La Jolla at the tide pools, a place I might have been once in the nearly 18 years I've lived here. Although not really a 'block walk' (those photo sets where I went out and took photos around an actual city block or area), I'm counting these, anyway. Maybe they're a block of beach beautiful. 

I hope that your holiday was wonderful and full of food and love and beautiful sky.