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Pulse - a Brand New Electronic Music Single from Just Like Humans

The first single from my upcoming, untitled album is "Pulse". This song has been a long time in the making, a reflection of my thoughts and emotions on the Orlando, Florida Pulse Nightclub shooting of 2016. Most of the ideas have been going around in my head for some time, but it never turned out quite like I wanted until now. 

As an artist, I am constantly changing things and tweaking. In face, the album version, once released, may yet be somewhat different. For now, I am happy with the sounds and mood that came out of this track.

You can listen to it at the links below; no download or purchase links available at this time, but watch here for more information. - Just Like Humans

Soundcloud  |  Just Like Humans on Bandcamp

New Remix from Just Like Humans! Footwork and Wires - 2018 Mix
Footwork and Wires 2018.png

I'm excited to announce the remix of Footwork and Wires for 2018! It's exciting because this has been sitting around for years, and unused version of the album track, and I finally listened to it again just this year as I was 'cleaning out' my files.

I kinda like the vibe of this one, a bit cleaner track than the original release, but that was of it's time, this is for today. I'm going to release another version of a song from my last electronica album, Big Beautiful, very soon! Then comes the brand new album this summer!

Thanks for listening! - Kevin

Yes, I am One of Those People: My New Instagram Account

As if I don't post enough and have too many social accounts to manage - my own and those of my company - I've added yet another one, dedicated to our brand new 2018 MINI John Cooper Words automobile. If you're into that kinda thing, I'd love for you to check it out, follow and like!

At least I'm not one of those people that posts a lot of cat photos. Yet.


It's Been Hard to Keep Up: Busy Month of March, Job and Composing
"I've completed one track and I like it. It was hard to do because a) I really wanted to scale back what I did to each track with the layering and complexities this time around, yet still keep it a Just Like Humans record and sound ... I'm even going back to Garageband (yes!) instead of Logic Pro X to force myself into some simplicities. It's been tough, but interesting and I know in the end it will be what I wanted."

That was back in December of 2017 and, well, none of that came to fruition. With just one track completed, I switched right back over to Logic and our brand new iMac desktop.

I've got about eight tracks (of a possible 12?) fleshed out. I like the way things are going, but with my new job and other things that take up time during the day, I've not had a lot of time in the past weeks to keep momentum. I know once I get going again, I'll do well. At this time the writing and ideas aren't coming to me as I had hoped.

I can say here now I am collaborating with two talented individuals and as they both wait on me, at this time, I hope it all works out and the finished products are each what we hoped! It's all sketchy at the moment as I have to gotten back to them with demos and the like. Bad Human!

It's funny: Out of all the work I need to do for the album, the artwork is pretty much done. The artwork should follow what the album says, conveys, how it feels and yet I've done it all backward this time.  

Thanks for reading, and I actually DO hope to have more updates sooner than later!


Fifty NINE Years ago: The Mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident
 Marker honoring the nine souls lost in the Ural Mountains of Russian, February 2, 1959.

Marker honoring the nine souls lost in the Ural Mountains of Russian, February 2, 1959.

NINE, by Just Like Humans, is an imagined film score about the 1959 tragedy which came to be known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident, where nine people mysteriously died in the Ural mountains of Russia. The cause of their deaths has never been solved.

Today marks the 59th anniversary of their tragic deaths. I've had a fascination for nine years now, when I first heard of this on the 50th anniversary, having run across a small article regarding "spooky mysteries" on the Internet. Once I found out more and more, I became obsessed with the  tragedy. 

What we all have to remember is as interesting and fun it is to read about this incident, these were real people with families and friends. I certainly don't ever wish to trivialize their memory. In fact, one of the reasons I created the NINE soundtrack was to honor each of them in my own way, with my own contribution.

Nine Official Artwork Cover and Back CC.jpg

If you'd like to know more about the Dyatlov Pass Incident, you can find a myriad of sites on the web. One of the best and most detailed, comprehensive and passionate is from Teodora Hadjiyska who has put so much time and research into her passion regarding the mystery and the life and deaths of the nine.

You can find my tribute soundtrack here on my site, listen on YouTube, and purchase any tracks or the entire album, including a song written, produced and sung by artist Patrick Sporrer for the soundtrack.

Sample of soundtrack, "A Good Plan" track two from NINE by Just Like Humans.

Bayswater from Just Like Humans (December 18, 2012)

Bayswater is the first album from Just Like Humans and contains some of the first iconic sounds and instrumental musical roots and ideas that Just Like Humans would come to be known for.

As Just Like Humans (a name from four that my husband and I choose to represent my music) at that time and it stuck), I this was my first venture into electronic music, having wanted to only compose a short song that would accompany the video that we made of my brand new Mini Cooper Bayswater special edition vehicle. 

As I learned to use Garageband, the only music software I had at that time, I became a bit obsessed to see what I could come up with.

The album isn't the most cohesive; the track styles are all over the place. But I think at the same time, as I wasn't complicating the writing style that some of the tracks here are possibly some of my best. I'm most fond of "Your Computer" and it's throwback simplicity. Logan Ran, and Riding a Motorcycle Through and 80s Landscape are tributes to retro movie soundtracks; She Went Through My Soul is based on the child's theme from the 1982 movie Poltergeist.

With Bayswater, I produced a further three albums: New Device and I Live in a Disco, both as singles with remixes and bonus tracks, as well as a collection which had all of the remixes and bonus tracks from Bayswater included.

You can find Bayswater here on my site, and you can purchase any track or either of the two albums in their entirety on Bandcamp.

Playlist tracks 11 through 20 are remixes and bonus tracks originally found on the album "Bayswater: Singles // Bonus Collection" (released 7-24-2013).

Lyrics and Vocals on "New Device - Hookerbot 5000 Vocal Mix" by Andrew Disorder.

O'ahu: On Cloudy Days

It was pretty rainy and stormy during our trip to the island of Oahu in December 2016. As always, we took hours of video and hundreds of photos, most of which ended up in our deleted folders. We experienced the most rain, wind, clouds and the full-on tropics that we've ever experience on a vacation there. 

But even so, we didn't care. It just didn't make for the greatest photos or video. In this short video here, you'll see the 'dead kitty' microphone fuzzy cover blowing into the filed of vision!

LA Auto Show 2017: Mercedes-AMG Project ONE

One of the most exciting concepts, if that's indeed what Mercedes-AMG is calling it, was their Project ONE car, featured at the Los Angeles Auto show. (Our visit was on December 9, 2017.)

We had heard about the car and as both of us are Mercedes-AMG owners, we were excited to see it. The two-seater Mercedes-AMG Project ONE uses Formula 1 hybrid tech (there's Formula 1 hybrid tech?!) and is said to produce over 1000 horsepower. It will definitely beat those insane Prius drivers who decide every road is theirs to fly down no matter what the speed limit, and without ever using their turn signals, because apparently that would take away too much power away from the batteries.

We are unsure of the design. It's striking and distinct for sure, but if this were a street car? Very confusing. I might be confused as well on its purpose. But it sure was cool to see in person.

What do you think? Could you see yourself in this on your daily commute, knocking off a Prius with your hybrid wake?